Name : Exhaust Temperature Controller Series-TP1 Exhaust Temperature Controller

Product name:  TP1 Arranges The Machine That Accuses Of Temperature

Application scope:
It is suitable for compressor ,especially in the air-condition compressor for discharging and controlling temperature.

Installs conveniently, redundant reliability, all kinds of lead wires dimension is provided for choice.

Technical Parameters:
1.Rated voltage: AC250V
2.Nominal current: 1.6A (COSФ=1.0)
3.Fixed break-off temperature: 130℃±6℃
4.Fixed replacement temperature: 100℃±15℃
5.Electronic contact life: Under rated voltage and electric current load by 1 /2min above cyclic  action 10,000    
6.Dielectric resistance: Exerts AC220V between the belt part and the unusual electricity part, after 10min should be bigger than 100M with the DC500V megameter survey Omega
7.Electric appliance intensity: Exerts AC1500V in the charged part with the non- charged part  between, after 1min should not appear penetrates or glitters.
8. The wire riveted joint is good, be able to withstand 40N pulling force 10S. 

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