Name : Thermal Fuse Series -Japan Panasonic Thermal Cutoff

Using field:
This product is suitable for small power motor, transformer ,electrical fan.,fluorescent ballast
air conditioner, solenoid. illumination lamps and lanterns, bettery pile and charger

Operation principle:
Thermal Cutoffs (TCO)/Thermal Links is designed for safety by sensing overheating of electric and electronic equipment and cutting off circuits to prevent fires or smoke.

Key technical parameter:
Rated voltage/ current :  AC   250V / 0.5A-2A ;AC   125V / 1.5A-3A; DC     50V / 3 A -6 A

Rated open temperature scope:  86℃∽188℃
Certification:  UL、CSA 、VDE 、BEAB、CCC.

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