Name : Refrigerator Fittings Series-Wire Tube Condenser

The available range of product : Used for direct cold, air-cooled series refrigerators, kitchen freezer ,water cooler and ice machine etc. we also undertake the design of manifold condensers ,or according to the drawings or samples customer provided to produce and process to meet their satisfaction
Product best-sell point: strong dirty resistance and easy to clean , stable capability ,good quality and lower price, it would be the best product to instead of fin type condenser in current market.

Main material: Bundy tube (copper coated tube), Steel wire.

Structure and modality : Steel wire welded on Bundy tube which have been bend and set-in ,and then assemble. The condenser we produce has flat type condenser, folding or winding type condenser and so on .

Surface treatment :  use zinc leaching paint. Also can use double deck polymer material  coating(the cathodic electrophoresis in black + polymer powder spraying).It has Strong corrosion resistance, and  no pollution to the environment .

Heat exchanging way and performance character:
refrigerant, evaporation tube and steel wire, mainly function is dispelling heat, clearing the product heat away by heat exchanging way. Its heat exchanging rate is high and its heat capacity space is large and uniform with strong corrosion resistance, and high energy saving.

Quality control:
In the case of atmospheric pressure test , no phenomenon of leakage.

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