Name : Thermal Protector Series-TP4(6AP)Thermal Motor Protector

Using scope:
Main applications are as follows:

1.Window lift motors
2.Skylight motor,Aerial motor
3.Front and rear wiper motors
4.Touching off of door lock

6AP is acturated by current passing through it and by the heat received from the ambient temperature.It has compact design,long life cycle,reliability and more features.A variety of standard terminal,configurations is available to allow th easiest mounting and handing.Precise tripping time prevents motor overheating.

Special Features:
Samll size,long life and high reliability
High level bimetal ensures that it can withstand the current of normal circuit
Accurate trip off time can prevent motor from overheating
Both temperature and current sensitive
Terminals are optional and customized
Wires are optional ad customized

Electrical Characteristics:
30 amps/15 volts DC            15amps/30 volts DC
25 amps/250 volts AC           45amps/125 volts AC

Technical Parameters:
Available with nominal calinal calibration temperature from 30℃ to 180℃
Tolerance Code +-5℃,+-8℃
Trip off current range:1~45A
Time  check at T-ambient 25℃ 4 to 10 seconds

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